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Looking for extensive and constant passive income? Choose Kondapur!

September 22, 2020
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With many cities still having a touch of historical hints, Hyderabad stands out because of the realistic and oldest indo-sarcenic architecture all around the city. Tourism undoubtedly has the upper hand here! With such vibrant points about the city’s best side comes certain disturbing aspects like excess population, slow-moving traffic, and water crises. It is quite common for any well-known city to face such issues, especially when ranking among India’s top populous cities!

If you are looking for flats for sale in Hyderabad with a clean, decent, and perfect area, Kondapur is the right choice for you! Kondapur, located in the western suburbs of the city surrounded by HITEC City, Gachibowli, is now recognized among the city’s best residential and commercial spaces. In Telugu, Kondapur means “Hill Settlement.”

The area provides a scenic view with colorful flora around. For a long time, Kondapur has been a significant locale for families and communities with great residential ambiance. Speaking of connectivity, the area is well-connected to TSRTC and other travel mediums like cabs, rickshaws, etc.  Today, even working professionals and bachelors prefer the same because of its closeness to Hyderabad’s employment and commercial hubs.

Kondapur is a place for those who are looking for a passive income option via real estate. The majority of people come to Hyderabad for a temporary stay like either for a general tourist visit or until their employment tenure, and that being said, Kondapur is undoubtedly a retreat for investors!


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September 22, 2020
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HITEC City, an abbreviation of Hyderabad Information Technology and Engineering Consultancy City, is an Indian diverse technology unit located in Hyderabad city of Telangana. Precisely, HITEC City is built over 300 acres of land in which 103 acres are induced with residential spaces all around the area. As the name suggests, HITEC City is a city on its own.

This area offers an array of employment and technology development opportunities in India. Recently, such developments have also instilled a demand for real estate where the majority of home buyers are destined to consider HITEC City among the prime areas of Hyderabad.

The area has always been known for its various commercial properties options with many open office spaces, tech parks, and formal infrastructure all around. The realty sector started promoting and planning residential properties around the HITEC City area, which fortunately turned out to be a positive aspect for the home buyers.

The same trend led to an excellent development of the social infrastructure and neighborhood. With best in class educational centers, health care facilities, and shopping malls at a proximity distance, this area has become more feasible for families.

Today, with the presence of top companies, business centers, and tech parks amidst a family-friendly social infrastructure, this area has a lot to give to the home buyers and investors. Speaking of the future valuation, the area is more sought with great appreciation and value all this time, and thus, it is estimated to be the same or even rise in the coming days.

Homes247 at Hyderabad

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Points to think about before buying and searching for apartments in Bangalore

September 19, 2020
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Bangalore may be a city of youth that witnesses tons of demand for properties especially its apartments. The apartments in Bangalore ranges from 1 BHK to 4 BHK with extensive range of customisation, class, luxury, amenities, specifications, etc. That being said, selecting the proper one would always put you during a dilemma because most the properties are premium . In such cases, choosing the proper one with future benefits would be to choose properties that meet the standards of demand of properties.

Fortunately, to form it easy for a buyer such as you , here we are with the points to think about before buying and searching for apartments in Bangalore.

Firstly, search for the market value/ appreciations in areas of Bangalore and which consistent with you’ll provide you with great future values
Secondly, check out the social infrastructure of areas before investing in one and which one is more suitable to you.
Thirdly, after the primary 2 points are covered, you’ll now have a group of countable properties in hand! Here you’ll choose properties with varied features, amenities and sophistication .

Below mentioned are a couple of best apartments in Bangalore to settle on from;

Bren Imperia- Haralur Road, East Bangalore
Assetz Marq- Whitefield, East Bangalore
Sobha Dream Gardens- Thanisandra highway , North Bangalore
Koltepatil ITowers Exente- Electronic City, South Bangalore
Brigade Buena Vista Phase 2- Old Madras Road, North Bangalore

Hope this helps you select the simplest apartment in Bangalore

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Bangalore’s top class apartments are in this locality

September 19, 2020
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Bangalore is known to have the best apartments in India with novel features and significance in infrastructure. Speaking of the best apartments, it is not necessary that you will find them everywhere and not all areas could offer you a fortune. Only a few areas of the city could add up to the value of your property. Sarjapur Road of East Bangalore is one such area that you could look forward to.

Sarjapur Road is one such area that could be a cherry on the cake for home buyers like you not only with respect to the future valuation but also in the case of social ambience and closeness to the top class facilities, this area has an upper hand. Success stories of Bangalore residents have begun from here with a flow of IT hubs and commercial centres. It is undoubtedly one of the popular destination for Technology and software industry oriented individuals as it offers closeness to the major employment hubs of Bangalore.

 Apartments for sale in Bangalore

With this, the area is also surrounded with best malls, Hospitals and Schools to bring a family-friendly atmosphere to the families. With all these factors the area has surely gain the attention of top builders of India for which many innovative and one of a kind projects have been planned here. Builders like Assetz Property, Bren Group, Shriram Properties, Mahaveer Group, Vaswani Group, etc. have set their foots here  Some of the top properties located in this area are as follows;

  1. Bren Imperia

  2. Vaswani walnut creek

  3. Mahaveer Ranches

  4. Assetz 63 Degree East

Shriram Smrithi, etc.

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Here’s why L & T Raintree Boulevard is a talk of the town today!

September 19, 2020
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A property is considered best when they meet the factors that create a market value. With vibrancy both inside and outside, the properties in Bangalore are something beyond perfection! One such property is L & T Rain tree Boulevard of L & T Realty.

This is an ongoing project located in Hebbal on Bangalore International Airport Road of North Bangalore. With traffic free zone yet closeness to the city’s lively areas, this area the property assures to offer a comfortable lifestyle.

Furthermore to this, It sprawls in an area of 65 acres which makes it one of the largest property in Bangalore housing about 730 residents with spacious design and contemporary architecture. It is also close to areas with great commercial benefits being Yelahanka, Thanisandra Main Road, Malleshwaram, Hennur, Yeshwantpur, etc.

With great social infrastructure and upcoming plans to instill ease in travelling via metro and well developed roads, this area is sure to provide higher appreciation value. Adding to the same, Many big giants and tech parks are being planned around to offer employment to the future generation. That being said, the rental yields are expected to be higher for properties purchased today and the same implies on the appreciation value.

L & T Rain tree Boulevard will undoubtedly be a blessing in disguise for people planning to invest in North Bangalore and specifically close to the Kempegowda International Airport.

Think of smart investment? Think Bangalore!


Apartments for Sale in Bangalore

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Deciding to buy a property is one of the most important decisions of life.

September 5, 2020
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Buying or investing in such properties involves a lot of factors to think on which finally leads to whether it is relevant to buy the property or not. Properties are generally based n factors like emotions, Family bonds and future development/demand especially in countries like India where every product and brand is bound to certain sentimental values and meeting to such requirements is generally a task to suppliers.

It is when you decide to buy, you get into a dilemma of owning an under construction or a ready to move in one. Thus, either which way it is quite obvious to get into a lot of options and get yourself into a box while choosing what is right. if you are looking for just investment and to earn huge profits with passive income, then we have got something for you! Read on to know more.

Bangalore we today recognise it as a great and perfect city to reside in with great potential to own a property could be residential or commercial. It is one such city where properties are in vast and massive length with great demand for the same. Speaking of the value, the city offers a great resale value as it has always witnessed a rise in the market value from the beginning. Such highest potential for the realty sector based on its population and preference is infused with the technology and development which makes the city the best place to live in the world!

Now considering the valuation and future estimation for the property, Under construction properties in Bangalore have recently gained a lot of traction. If still this puts you in a dilemma, we are here with the top reasons as to why investing in an under construction property to be a boon to you. Here are a few top reasons for the same;

1. Cheaper and cost effective than the actual value

2. Offers flexibility and ease during payment

3. Under construction means considerable customisation!

4. Offers and discounts

5. High appreciation

1. Cheaper and cost effective than the actual value: An under construction property is likely priced lesser than the actual value. The more people invest in such properties, the more likely it is for them to experience a fruitful return because of the discounts, the urgency of builders and the need to complete the project sooner. if you are worried about the safety and timely deliver of the same let me tell you that if the property you are interested in is approved by RERA then you don’t have to worry about fraudulent activities or such as it is undoubtedly a trust worthy venture. If the builders fail to deliver on time, they have to compensate the whole amount back to the investors.

2. Offers flexibility and ease during payment: This is ideally good for those who cannot afford to pay the whole amount at once. Investing in an under construction property starts with spending within 15% of the property value before the overall construction. If you are looking for loan options you have the feasibility to get the loan instantly which motivates the builder to complete the project soon. In certain cases, Bank loans are subjected to initiate its repayment via EMIs only from the date of occupancy of the property.

3. Under construction means considerable customisation: Under construction properties are generally still in some stage of the property construction and if you have invested in any of such properties, you are more likely privileged to experience a great chance to customise the property as per your convenience! You can get the interiors changed or even the wall paints, structure, size width of rooms, hall, balconies, etc. Unlike other ready to move in properties in Bangalore, you won’t be bound to a limited exposure of architecture as per their plans. So here it is a cherry on the cake for those who love personalising things as per their convenience. Even the quality of construction can be ascertained and modified the way you require. So yes, Considering this points it surely will carry not only the aesthetic value but also the emotional weightage on a positive note.

4. Offers and discounts: It is a task to get discounts on a ready to move in properties unless the market is down or something like the current pandemic hits the economy globally. However, in case of under construction properties, in order to promote the ongoing venture, builders generally promote their under constructions in the best way possible to get good investment and genuine numbers looking forward to the construction of the property. This will also help them to speed up their construction plan and get it delivered within the promised possession date. Thus, offers like the early bird offer, Interiors at 50% and many such things are at the table to choose from while you are just planning to buy the property. Many freebies and coupons are also encouraged to be provided like gold coins, travel coupons, Air conditioners, etc.

5. High appreciation: By being a buyer of an under construction property you are more bound to experience a great amount of appreciation on your property if it is registered as per the market value. In cities like Bangalore, market value of properties have only been excelling to high ends. Since you are buying at a lower cost you cn expect a higher appreciation which is technically based on the actual value of the property price. Precisely, only this one factor wont ascertain a great appreciation. You need to be sure to look into the factors like location, future scope, connectivity, upcoming infrastructure, etc. and such aspects that could lead to a higher appreciation which could make it a popular piece of art for many striving to grab it.

All this was about the scope of buying under construction properties. Precisely by now you should know that they are comparatively cheaper and if this fascinates you then what I am going to be saying would excite you more. Bangalore is the best locality to invest as it guarantee high safety, security with a smart decision to rely on.




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Looking for a cost effective villa in an expensive city like Bangalore? Did you know that the best villas of Bangalore could be owned at an affordable cost? Read on to know more;

September 5, 2020
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In 21st century, home is not just about the size of your home, it is about the feelings and emotions that you are able to express through the designs. It is also about a cherish able atmosphere. Cities have dramatically changed in terms of the infrastructure unlike Bangalore as we know is one of the prominent cities in India that witnesses a drastic demand for commercial and residential properties of top builders. Moreover, almost 60% of Bangalore is designed by British style and architecture that further enables a classic aura of minimalism.

Have you noticed those beautiful Bungalows especially in central Bangalore that creates a desire in you to own one? The same beautiful bungalows today are worth crores and they give you the true feeling of home. However, owning a land and getting your home designed and built to classy levels costs a fortune and its only monetary, it even consumes a lot of time, patience and hassles that may or may not turn out to be the best.

Now this may make you feel that owning a villa could be a safe and easy option but again the dilemmas of finding an affordable villa may out you under waters. Villas in Bangalore are at par with the lifestyle which is trend currently “Sophisticated and luxurious”. Surely, these kind of perks may amount to higher pricing right? What if I tell you that you can still own a luxurious villa in Bangalore at an affordable cost.

Bangalore accurately fits your expectations towards the path of rejoicing to ensure an elegant and healthy living space. Generally the configuration of Villas are designed and planned for Families for which it starts from 3 BHK type. If you are planning to buy a Villa that to in a city like Bangalore then you are surely making the best decisions of life. Thus, with many options recently added to make it to the best residential spaces in the city, Villas gives you a spacious design and spectacular outlook which makes you feel that you truly own the land underneath the construction area which is way different than just owning a flat of a prominent project. Due to this, the appreciation value is also quite higher and dependable.

To add ease to your research we have curated a list of top villas in Bangalore which are designed keeping in mind the affordability, efficiency and reliability. Below mentioned villas of Bangalore are something you can look forward to;

1. Concorde Napa Valley- Concorde Group- 3 BHK

2. Mana Foliage- Mana Projects- 4 BHK

3. SKR Gardens- SKR Infra Builders- 4 BHK

4. Gravity Maanasa Nilayam- Gravity Homes- 4 BHK

5. M1 Terra Alegria- M1 Homes- 3 BHK

1. Concorde Napa Valley- This is a beautiful Villa project developed by the Concorde Group inclusive of basic amenities. The Concorde Napa Valley is a multiphase venture developed in a 110 acres of land consisting about 1000 villa units of 3 BHK configuration. It is situated in Kanakapura road of South Bangalore which has recently caught the attention due to its free empty space and greenery with an advantage of metro connectivity, which is a blessing in disguise to any investor who invests here. It offers elegance and minimalistic design isolated from the busy streets of Bangalore yet close to the city. All these novel features makes it a classic venture and best villa in Bangalore.

2. Mana Foliage- The most iconic outlook is considered when your villa is surrounded with the richness of nature and greenery, classic infrastructure, high quality construction materials and such lavish features. Mana Foliage covers all of this and caters to need of the modern world at a budget friendly price located in Sarjapur Road, East Bangalore. Mana projects have planned this exquisite property with all the features and amenities at the best price you can ever imagine starting from around 40 lakhs. It sprawls in an area of 12 acres with about 110 units of 4 BHK configurations. Not only the infrastructure, even the units are quite spacious, well ventilated and lit with perfect balance, irrespective of the time of the day.

3. SKR Gardens- Resort like space nestled amidst the greens and blues with richness in its amenities is something that defines SKR Infra Builder’s SKR Gardens. This innovative venture is designed in a 2.5 acres land with about 84 units of 4 BHK type with extravagant amenities and features. It is situated in the Electronic city of South-east Bangalore. Thus, its cost effective features makes it one of the best affordable homes in Bangalore. This property is a cherry on the cake as it is surrounded by Big giants and above all located in the largest employment hub of India.

4. Gravity Maanasa Nilayam- Kanakapura Road of South Bangalore is one of the best residential areas to live in Bangalore, Thanks to its connectivity and social infrastructure that brings urban infrastructure even outside the busy areas of Bangalore yet connecting with easy to the city’s prominent areas. Gravity Homes have added up their exclusive villa project named Gravity Maanasa Nilayam to fill up the missing part- a beautiful home! which makes it an instant option for anyone looking for a home to opt for. The property is built in an area of 2 acres with 38 vastu compliant units and best in class amenities.

5. M1 Terra Alegria- M1 Homes are a step ahead in offering lavish housing space at an unbelievable pocket-friendly price with their M1 Terra Alegria project. It is one of the finest project in Bangalore offering 3 BHK type of Villa houses. By opting this project, you can experience the artisan activities, design and gardening customised for you. The property is located in Hoskote Main Road close to Witefield, East Bangalore. With respect to amenities, Community agriculture is something that stands out and makes it the most favourable and enthusiastic activity to grow and nurture plants, trees and vegetation around the property.

Think investment and luxury? Think Villas in Bangalore!


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Garden City Bangalore

September 5, 2020
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We know Bangalore because the garden city due to its extensive stretch of greenery from one end to the opposite . However, today the aura is sort of different and more bended towards technology, construction, etc. which provides us an image that Bangalore isn’t because the garden city love it was before. Adding to an equivalent , we will still see the old charm of the town in many parts of Bangalore today due to the important estate sector.


Thanks to the serene and eco-friendly plans which brings a price effective and balanced greenery in their recent projects throughout the world . With the planet moving towards heating , the builders of Bangalore are taking extra precautions and measures to make sure their ventures don’t led to the destruction of the present environment.


Talking about construction, we are more fascinated towards independent bungalows as they provide us the sensation of owning that specific land yet an equivalent heating issues put us during a dilemma of whether it’s sensible to plan for it or not, right? during this case, Villa projects or villaments to be precise might be the simplest choice to opt for!


Currently, villas in Bangalore are designed to require its residents towards the trail of rejuvenation to assure a classic ambience with a healthy lifestyle. Basically, the villa configurations start from 3 BHK. As a proud owner, you’ll hav the privilege of owning the land unlike within the case of flats! Now isn’t it a best feeling to experience the same?




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Are you during a dilemma of selecting flats or villas? Well, my take would be to travel for Villas! Here’s why;

September 5, 2020
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Villas are generally rooted on to the bottom unlike flats which are lapped above one another which explains that the location value of the Villas will come to consideration also . In Bangalore, we could witness a line of already built British style colossal independent bungalows occupied by big shots of the town from a really while whereas others who aren’t privileged enough to measure in such a luxury can still have hopes of such.

Thanks to the renowned land companies of Bangalore that have made this dream come true of living with a like-minded community within the city stretch with an ideal blend of luxury and greenery that creates them favourable and stand out from the remainder .

But the important question here is that the affordability factor. If we will really afford a villa or not? This popular misconception makes many of us lose hope on their dreams of living during a lavish villa.

But to not worry now! Villas rates start from 50 lakhs within the Bangalore city which rises the more it gets closer to prime localities of Bangalore. thanks to this reason, Villas are highly in demand among the people that aspire to shop for them because it comes with tons of advantages and appreciation.

If you’re getting to invest in villas in Bangalore then you’re undoubtedly making the simplest choice!


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Undoubtedly, Bangalore is one among the simplest and safest city in India.

September 5, 2020
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this is often one among the explanations why it’s ranked among the highest populous cities within the world. Taking it as a plus point, land in Bangalore has an whip hand here! many renowned companies just like the Prestige Group, Sobha limited, Mana Projects, etc. are highly competing to bring the simplest to the purchasers and residential buyers.

In 2020, house is not almost the space, it’s a sense sure to certain emotions which help us create memories that last long! With reference to that, the important estate construction has raised their bars but all have one thing in common. Minimalism! Minimalistic designs cause sophistication and therefore the same accounts to be nestled amidst the green beds.

At now , are you getting to invest in one among the posh villas in Bangalore? If yes then let me tell you that by doing so, you’re making one among the simplest decisions within the world! Precisely a sound investment refers to a secure capital that appreciates with the time passing by and Bangalore not only meets these parameters but also those which imply on the aesthetic and scenic value round the property.

This does accompany a risk factor however, making a radical analysis and buying from the proper promoter and builder is far needed to avoid any kind of risks involved within the same. All you’ve got to try to to may be a simple research of obtainable properties, list the proper and safe ones post which you’ll smartly choose the proper villa for you!



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