Looking for extensive and constant passive income? Choose Kondapur!

September 22, 2020
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With many cities still having a touch of historical hints, Hyderabad stands out because of the realistic and oldest indo-sarcenic architecture all around the city. Tourism undoubtedly has the upper hand here! With such vibrant points about the city’s best side comes certain disturbing aspects like excess population, slow-moving traffic, and water crises. It is quite common for any well-known city to face such issues, especially when ranking among India’s top populous cities!

If you are looking for flats for sale in Hyderabad with a clean, decent, and perfect area, Kondapur is the right choice for you! Kondapur, located in the western suburbs of the city surrounded by HITEC City, Gachibowli, is now recognized among the city’s best residential and commercial spaces. In Telugu, Kondapur means “Hill Settlement.”

The area provides a scenic view with colorful flora around. For a long time, Kondapur has been a significant locale for families and communities with great residential ambiance. Speaking of connectivity, the area is well-connected to TSRTC and other travel mediums like cabs, rickshaws, etc.¬†¬†Today, even working professionals and bachelors prefer the same because of its closeness to Hyderabad’s employment and commercial hubs.

Kondapur is a place for those who are looking for a passive income option via real estate. The majority of people come to Hyderabad for a temporary stay like either for a general tourist visit or until their employment tenure, and that being said, Kondapur is undoubtedly a retreat for investors!


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